Construction page 4

#15 green on October 11. It's just construction mix at this point. The weather will really make or break this green's progress.

#14 on October 13th. We had to reseed and mulch again after rains. The tee is in the foreground, and it isn't doing very well here.

Painting lines and moving ties on the new parking lot on October 19th. We now have about 80 more spaces, but only 1/2 of a putting green over by #9 Woodside.

View from #16 green toward the tee on October 19th.

View from #15 tee, straight out the fairway (cannot see the green) on October 28th.

#14 on Thursday, November 4th. The weather has been holding for the most part. It was 70 degrees on Monday, but we had snow flurries on Wednesday.

#12 green on November 10th. We transplanted some large trees from the 4-hole course. They were planted too closely together originally, and they were perfect for creating a nice background for our new green.

View from #15 tee on about November 17th. We've planted over 250 trees on the new 9 to define areas in the former meadow and pasture.

Emma is our first glimpse of the potential 5th generation at Butler's. Look for her while you're here. Well, she isn't new 9 construction, but she is new! She was a few days old here.

New #14 on Feb. 25, 2000. Turf covers had just been removed.

The hole numbers changed 3 times. First, the current 10-18 were numbered 1-9. At this point in the project, we decided to try #8-16, planning to play Lakeside 1-7, then the new 9, then finish on the original #s 8 and 9. That did not last long!

New #14 green on Feb. 25. You can definitely see why we're not ready to open yet. We will be, though.

Site of the future Arrowhead snack stand on March 8, 2000. The sheds on the left are those of our neighbors on Arrow Drive.

Roughed-in plumbing at the Arrowhead on March 8. The front of the building faces new #10 Lakeside (the first hole of the new 9).

Arrowhead on March 29. Placement of timber frame. It was cold and the wind was howling -- not an ideal day for standing on beams in midair.

More framing of the Arrowhead

Framing on April 5 -- new #10 is in the background.

Inside on April 14. The area back on the left where the ladder is will be storage and utilities. The restrooms will be back to the right. All of the peaked ceiling area is the main room.

Exterior on April 14

Lifting the upper wall panel into place. It's a good thing that Dennis took pictures!

Ralph has been a fan of timber frames for a long time, and he finally got his chance to have one built here.

New #10 on April 14, 2000. Just a few trees were beginning to leaf out.

This is looking toward #18 green Woodside on April 20th. It's not construction, but the crabapples looked terrific this year.

Arrowhead on April 25.

New #14 on April 25. We were overseeding the fairway, since it was sparse and washed out.

Arrowhead on May 12. Kemp Co. was on the scene to set up the A/C. Howell Electric and Champion Plumbing got to experiment with wiring and plumbing with the foam panels.

New #14 on May 12. On the left is a rain shelter. Everything is growing well. It just takes time.

The new pond on May 12. Soon, we can take off the overflow pipe and let the pond fill up. There are still some washouts on the left (coming off of #15 fairway).