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This drainage swale at the bottom of #14 had been lined with a geotextile liner and riprap (and the pipe was not exposed). It was just all gone. The excavators were having lunch in their truck further up the hill when the storm hit. The wind really shook the truck, and many trees nearby were blown over.

It's a bit hard to see this picture, but the pan is working in the area of #17 green (#16 tee is up on the top of the hill). The thing to notice is how low the water is in the sediment pond. There is about 10 feet of concrete basin showing. This was taken a few days before the storm.

This is approximately the same view of the pond, taken just after the heavy rains. The debris may be part of our silo's roof. At any rate, the concrete basin is completely covered. The water level in our main irrigation lake rose about 4 feet in an hour or so. Unbelievable.

This is just one of many, many trees that we lost. One tiny branch managed to stay attached to the trunk. Some trees were uprooted, some were topped and split. We used a chipper (and chain saws) for a couple of weeks solid, and we still haven't gotten to most of the stumps.

This is #18 on August 4th (about a week after the storm).

Installing irrigation on #12 on about August 4th. What will be #12 green is in the foreground. This area can be seen at the corner of Fallen Timber Road and Boyd Hollow Road.

View from #18 gold and red tee on August 11th. That big tree really isn't smack in the middle of your target area, but it will be a factor. We had a difficult time getting the sprinkler heads adjusted properly in some areas, and that is why the edge of this tee was brown. No water.

#18 on August 18th. It will look a lot tidier once the cart path is installed. Coming soon!

View from #10 tee toward green. The first shot is a doozy. August 18th. The freshly seeded tee got a bit washed out by rain, but it's not too bad.

Vandals! Our deer had a bit of a party on #10 green shortly after it had been seeded. We smoothed the hoof marks by hand, and now the green is roped off. We have had some dirt bike damage as well.

The view from #11 green back toward the tees. We had to re-smooth the green due to rain and deer. At least it hadn't been seeded yet.

#13 green, from the tee, on August 18th. The piles are the construction mix.

#10 from the tees on August 24th, looking over the fairway, which has just been mulched with straw. The cart paths have a rolled slag base at this point, and will be paved soon.

This is taken from the corner of Boyd Hollow and Fallen Timber. It is #12 green, looking up toward the tees on August 24th.

#10 on August 31st. It is amazing how fast the first grass appears. If you were to look at it close-up, you would see that it is still very sparse.

Here, #12 green has just been seeded on August 31st.

#12 green on September 3rd with fresh straw mulch.

#12 on September 8th. We had a rain storm and the approach washed out a good bit. Also, the cooler and shorter days mean that it will take a bit longer for the new grass to become established.

#11 on September 8th. This is looking back toward the tees from the green.

#12 on September 15th.

#14 green on September 15th. The piles of construction mix are in place, with drainage already underneath. The light colored dirt "pile" in the background, beyond the pond, is the site of #17 green.

#12 on September 23rd.

#16 on September 23rd. It has just been seeded. The irrigation will soon follow. The fairway needs a lot of attention now. While there has been a lot happening to these other holes, it isn't super obvious for the camera, and that's why the photos concentrate more on areas that have been seeded. In addition, your expectant photographer cannot walk too far these days, and there aren't good cart paths on these rough holes.

#12 on September 29th. Peggy is using a walk-behind mower during the grow-in period because it is lighter. In this photo, you can also see Kitty resetting the sprinkler heads so that they are level with the ground.

#12 on October 6th. Again, the changes are more gradual at this point, and they are more easily discernible when you are up close and in person.

#13 from tee toward green on October 6th.

Beleaguered #14 from the white tees on October 6th. The rains that poured the previous weekend really washed this hole out. Actually, since this time, this hole has been smoothed, seeded, and mulched again and again. Only the left corner of the green is visible-- it is the grayish spot near the top of the photo, just below the barn and to the left of the trees.

View from #15 white tee. The red & gold tees are in the upper right of the photo. The fairway runs out past the flat plateau (left of the trees) and cuts left once it gets behind the crest of the hill. At this time, #16 and #17 greens are seeded.

o.k., we'll show you some contrast. This photo was taken on #10 in late fall of 1998.

This photo is #10 on October 6th, 1999. For better or for worse, the landscape has changed dramatically in one year.

This is #16 from tee to green in fall of 1998.

This is #16 from tee to green on October 11, 1999. The fairway is still pretty rocky. The green is starting to grow in, and it looks kind of triangular from this angle.